IECSA participates in sustainable economic growth projects in order to raise social welfare. The agricultural industry is the cornerstone of our alimentary future.

IECSA provides all types of agricultural and community infrastructure equipment. Our company projects are specially designed to respect international environmental protection policies, regardless of our area of intervention.

Fields of intervention

Agricultural engineering services

  • Definition of production objectives.
  • Crop sorting and sowing alternatives.
  • Cattle farming / sorting.

Capital investment programs

  • Fixed assets / property, plant and equipment: water wells, water distribution, irrigation, drainage, lots divisions, service extensions, fences, electrification, agricultural facilities such as warehouses, machinery platforms, grain bins, workshops and cattle buildings.
  • Current assets:tractors, well drilling trains, self-propelled harvesting machinery, farming implements, sowing and treatment products, auxiliary light vehicles, trailers, trucks.
  • Consumables and fungibles: : seeds, fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and preservatives.

Agro-industrial engineering projects

  • Seeds, cereals, leguminous plants sector: warehouses, storage grain bins, flour manufacturing.
  • Horticultural and fruit sector: sorting, classification, packaging, sacking and storing plants, juice plants and processing lines, packaging and storing ripening plants and warehouses.
  • Cattle sector: slaughterhouses, quartering chambers, cooling and freezing warehouses.

Food and agricultural projects

  • Wholesale markets: fish market, stalls, warehouses, equipment.
  • Retail market: stall, warehouses, equipment.
  • Logistics:transportation and auxiliary machinery.

Agrarian research projects

  • Farm agrarian equipment.
  • Classic research equipment.
  • Main and service buildings.
  • Classrooms.
  • Hotels and hostels.
  • Recreational centers.
  • Transportation.