IECSA leverages its experience by managing projects from conception through completion. Our expertise ranges from providing simple to high tech equipment for multilevel education centers such as primary and secondary schools, universities, research laboratories, technical and professional training centers.
We also develop personalized training programs together with a wide variety of institutional management services.

Center design

Nursery, primary schools, secondary schools, professional training centers, colleges and higher education centers, research centers, recreational and sport centers, student residences and administrative officers.

Complete equipment

Classrooms, laboratories, libraries, service buildings, residences, coffee houses, restaurants, sport and recreational facilities, IT systems.

Training programs and curriculum designs

Study programs, post-graduate study programs, specialization and training courses, technical and professional education, ongoing education.

Institutional management services

  • Information technology systems, internal and institutional communication, statistical systems audit.
  • Managers and administration: management training programs on-site and administration of educational center programs.
  • Student services.
  • Administrative modernization analysis and educational innovations technical assistance.
  • Design of internal legal frameworks and planning processes.
  • Institutional quality assessment programs.
  • Systems designs which identify and classify human and material resources. Profit & loss budgets / costs control auditing. Financial consulting services.
  • Assistance with global education offers.
  • Definition and implementation of international educational cooperation programs.
  • Multimedia education and new technologies programs.
  • Public communication of scientific and cultural interests.
  • Paperwork publishing assistance.